Friday, April 1, 2016

All Star Comics Review Episode 3-Reviewing All Star Comics Issue 3

This issue is the first appearance of the Justice Society of America as a super team. The team that inspired creators to form the JLA, Teen Titans, The Avengers, Fantastic Four, X-men, and yes, even the Inferior 5!!

Johnny's power always seems to get him into trouble!

A tiger shark is no match for the Flash.
Part of the reason I love the golden age stories, is because of the All Star Squadron comics I read as a kid. I first had discovered the Hammer of Thor(DC style) in All Star Squadron 18(bottom panel) and All Star Squadron 22(next panel) 

OOM the Mighty is also a character that reappears in later All Star Squadron stories. 

Hourman battles evil dopplegangers in this issue.

The Red Tomato...errr.. Tornado.

The JSA frowns upon insurance scams!

I LOVE this art. L-O-V-E

The Atom knocks himself out in this issue....Classic

The Green Lantern stops a crime spree and corruption!

Bonus panel... Where was Ma Hunkel for all those years??