Friday, April 1, 2016

All Star Comics Review Episode 3-Reviewing All Star Comics Issue 3

This issue is the first appearance of the Justice Society of America as a super team. The team that inspired creators to form the JLA, Teen Titans, The Avengers, Fantastic Four, X-men, and yes, even the Inferior 5!!

Johnny's power always seems to get him into trouble!

A tiger shark is no match for the Flash.
Part of the reason I love the golden age stories, is because of the All Star Squadron comics I read as a kid. I first had discovered the Hammer of Thor(DC style) in All Star Squadron 18(bottom panel) and All Star Squadron 22(next panel) 

OOM the Mighty is also a character that reappears in later All Star Squadron stories. 

Hourman battles evil dopplegangers in this issue.

The Red Tomato...errr.. Tornado.

The JSA frowns upon insurance scams!

I LOVE this art. L-O-V-E

The Atom knocks himself out in this issue....Classic

The Green Lantern stops a crime spree and corruption!

Bonus panel... Where was Ma Hunkel for all those years??


  1. I recently checked out this podcast after hearing your promo on Russell Bragg's "DC Comics Presents Show" podcast. I was intrigued by the newsreel-style narration in your intro, because that seemed so apt for a super group from the 1940s. I've listened to the first three episodes, and I've enjoyed them thoroughly. I'm not quite old enough to have read these Golden Age adventures of the JSA when they were published originally, but, as a loyal son of the Silver Age, I first encountered the JSAers, beginning with Jay Garrick in the Barry Allen Flash comics, then Alan Scott in the pages of Hal Jordan's Green Lantern comics, then the JLA/JSA team-ups in the Justice League comics, and in the occasional reprints of the Golden Age stories. I've come to have a great affection for them, and I'm looking forward to following your podcast, which is clearly full of strong affection for them, too.
    I must say that these stories are very reminiscent of the old movie serial, in which everything happens very fast, but usually without a lot of detailed set-up, and sometimes with gaping plot holes, but they were meant for kids, who mainly want the action, not detailed plotting.
    I love, too, how you bring in the Roy Thomas connections to the decades-later revival of the All-Star Squadron. Thank you, and keep up the good work.

    You've mentioned the TV show, "Legends of Tomorrow", on a couple of episodes, and I must say, I think that's a wonderfully terrific show. Of course, if you had told me when I was a boy back in the early 1960s that there would someday be a prime time TV show featuring Rip Hunter, I'd have thought you were insane. Supergirl, the Flash, even Green Arrow, would have seemed perfectly possible, but Rip Hunter seemed too obscure. Shows me how wrong I could be as a kid. I assume that, by now, you've seen the season finale of that show and enjoyed the appearance of one of our beloved JSA members.